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We have 4 extraordinary deals that have just come our way and may only be available for a couple of days!


M.L. Snowden - Angstrom

M.L. Snowden – Angstrom

M.L. Snowden's iconic sculpture, Angstrom, has been sold out for quite some time now and has an official, current retail price of $145,000! I just received word that one just became available, through our partner. It is in mint condition, coming directly from Snowden's publisher, having never been owned outside the gallery. I can offer it to you for $27,000!

It has been $145,000 since it sold out shortly after it was released years ago. It was the best, tallest (72"h x 15"w x 17"d) and quickest sell out in Snowden’s series of sculptures, and from a very low edition of only 25 pieces!

Vladimir Kush - AP Edition

Vladimir Kush – AP Edition Package Deal

We have just received 4 AP Edition Kush prints, 3 of which are almost sold out, iconic editions! This special is a package deal for all four prints.

Departure of the Winged Ship – AP 23/30 – current price $6600 unframed
Arrival of the Flower Ship – AP 22/30 – current price $5700 unframed
Fauna in La Mancha – AP 27/30 – current price $5950 unframed
Beeing a Tiger – AP 24/25 – current price $3450 unframed

All 4 prints are museum framed. With framing, the current retail value for all 4 prints is over $24,000. We are offer a package deal for $14,000!

Tina Palmer

Tina Palmer – 5 Beautiful New paintings

Many of our clients have been waiting for new paintings from Tina to become available in her signature style. These paintings are priced so well, they rarely are available for long!

Royal – 36 x 6 - $600
Rouge – 36 x 6 - $600
Verde – 36 x 6 - $600
Once in a Blue Moon – 20 x 20 - $1200
Zenful Lake – 20 x 20 – $1200

Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush – MUST SELL!

We have three iconic pieces that are set for a must sell immediately. They are all at the best pricing we've seen in years! I have attached images of each one. They are all in perfect condition, framed and ready to ship. I can offer you the following pricing:

Brushes - Original Pen and Ink 10 x 7.5 - current listed price $8000 - my price to you $4957
The Black Purse 854/1000 - current listed price $10,000 - my price to you $2957
Geneology Tree 38/250 - current listed price $18,000 - my price to you $5777

You can also visit our SPECIALS page for great pricing on other pieces:


Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see additional images. Hope you're having a phenomenal weekend!


Emily Sharbani Hamilton - CEO
Paragon Fine Art
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