measures 31.5" x 19.5" (80cm x 50cm) unframed

This painting is featured in pg. 40 of
Vladimir Kush's book, Metaphorical Journey.

SEAGLASS is one of Vladimir Kush’s signature creations!

The imagery, detail and the coloring of this piece set it aside as one of his more significant and unique pieces. Very few of Kush's original paintings have the beautiful texture this painting has. The positioning of the three figures in SEAGLASS and the whale in the background are quintessential examples of Kush's style and thought.

"SEAGLASS" is in mint condition and set in museum framing.
It comes with Certificate of Authenticity and a Certificate of Appraisal, both from Kush's Publishing, for the full value of the piece.

The current value of SEAGLASS is over $70,000.

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