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Vincent Romero - The Country Side - limited edition print


Giclee on Canvas
32 x 25.6

Vincent Romero - Joy - limited edition print


Giclee on Canvas
36 x 28.9

Vincent Romero - Morning Glory - limited edition print


Giclee on Canvas
40 x 28

Vincent Romero - Daydreams - limited edition print


Giclee on Canvas
36 x 26.6

Vincent Romero - Summer Time - limited edition print


Giclee on Canvas
30 x 22.6

BIO - Vincent Romero

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Spanish painter born in Madrid in 1956. During his childhood, his interest in art manifested itself as he drew sketches and caricatures of schoolmates and teachers in every school where he studied. Due to the work of his father, he grew up in many different towns all over Spain. The family returned to Madrid when Romero was 15 years and he began studies at the prestigious Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando (Salvador Dali’s alma mater). He started with sculpture, but soon switched to painting, and he graduated with honors in 1982.

Romero spent several years working on the street, painting pastel portraits in villages along the Spanish coast and on Tenerife, Majorca and Ibiza. In 1987 Romero and his wife settled on the Costa Brava, with its marvellous light, where he perfected his individual style and subject matter, converting intimate situations of life into the leitmotif of his art, a modern interpretation of the great Spanish Maja tradition. Since the early ‘90s Romero has had one-man exhibitions in Spain, France and Portugal. In 2001 he moved back to Madrid, but he still spends time on the Costa Brava, choosing a luminous and peaceful setting on the Mediterranean for his studio. It is certainly this luminosity that prevails in his art.

He owes his technique in oil painting to his academic training, although he has increasingly explored pastel, which he finds more direct, more spontaneous, and as he quotes, provides the opportunity for “unrivalled delicacy”. Recently, however, he is returning to use the oil in his work (almost forgotten in the last 4 years), thus producing a mutually enriching dialogue between the two techniques.






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