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EXISTENTIAL BALANCE - “Once we embrace the true meaning of balance, we can come to terms with our own existence.” -Tuan
“Existential Balance” is the term, coined by Tuan, to bring emphasis to the importance of balance to human existence, because life itself is about balance. Each of Tuan’s sculptures is, therefore, a visual and tactile essay on “Existential Balance”, featuring the counterpoint and interaction of elements that highlight the balance between darkness and light, masculine and feminine, rough and smooth, and often heaven and earth......

SCULPTURES (click on each picture for a larger image)

N. TUAN - HOPE - bronze sculpture


17h x 12w x 8d
9/15 PP (Publisher's Proof)
Bronze sculpture

Current listed price $8500
Our price to you $4200!!!

N. TUAN - BENEVOLENCE - bronze sculpture


43”h x 42”w x 24”d

"I pay homage to those in this world who live by kindness and generosity, shunning cruelty and greed, for BENEVOLENCE is their driving force. I pay homage to those in this world who practice goodwill and compassion at every opportunity, for their path is BENEVOLENCE and it is a path too often not taken." - N Tuan

Current listed price $18,500
Our price to you $11,500!!!

N. TUAN - Celestial - bronze sculpture


29”h x 29”w x 38”d

With “Celestial”, N.Tuan has captured a heavenly young woman in an otherworldly pose as if hovering between the celestial heavens and Earth. This ethereal being, with her aura of elegance, balance and grace, seems to be suspended in time as well as space, yet within the subconscious mind of the viewer, movement can be perceived.

To feel the mystical peacefulness of this exquisite sculpture, one need only concentrate on the subtleness of her beauty and the majesty of her pose. Soon, all save “Celestial” herself, will seemingly cease to exist and one will begin to see her more as a gift from the heavens than a construct of man.

Just as the beauty and intrigue of the celestial heavens is timeless and enduring, so is the allure of N.Tuan’s “Celestial”, for it is destined to be a timeless piece of fine art, not shackled to any century or millennia.

From every angle of view, the nuances of this delicate sculpture are reveled until one’s soul is bathed in the energy, passion and heavenly bliss that is “Celestial” by N.Tuan.

N. TUAN - Allure - bronze sculpture


16”h x 40”w x 19”d

Edition size: 25

N. TUAN - Self Creation - bronze sculpture


20”h x 36”w x 16”d

Edition size: 75

N. TUAN - L'Une - bronze sculpture


24”h x 17”w x 12”d

Edition size: 55

N. TUAN - LA FOI - bronze sculpture


21”h x 16”w x 12”d

Edition size: 55

N. TUAN - LIBERA - bronze sculpture


27"h x 25"d x 12"w
Edition size: 55

N. TUAN - PSYCHE - bronze sculpture


28"h x 18"d x 48"w
Edition size: 25

N. TUAN - THE MUSE - bronze sculpture


53”h x 27“ x 27”d
Edition size: 25

N. TUAN - Gautama Buddha - bronze sculpture


29”h x 29”w x 12”d

“Gautama Buddha” N.Tuan’s new interpretation on an ancient being of supreme spirituality is “Gautama Buddha” in the form of a graceful, young with exquisite features, meditating upon the ills of the world and offering compassion, peace and understanding to all, regardless of their faith, gender, ethnicity or cultural background.

Merely gazing upon this mesmerizing sculpture begins to sooth one’s mind and initiate a soothing inner peace unlike any other. “Gautama Buddha” is truly an incredible example of the power of N.Tuan’s work.

N. TUAN - Romantic Harmony - bronze sculpture


36" x 18" x 18"
Edition size: 52/100

Current listed price: $44,500
Our price to you $36,000

N. TUAN - Romantic Harmony - bronze sculpture


96" x 48" x 48"
Edition size: 25

Current listed price: $415,000
Our price to you $125,000


N. TUAN - ZODIAC - LIBRA - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

Libra - Inspired by the concept that justice is blind, Libra {“Balance”} elegantly presents the traditional scales as being the hand of justice herself, impartially weighing the pros and cons of decisions large and small.

Beneath her feet, encircling the Planet Venus, is sculpted a ribbon of clouds representing the element Air, the traditional element of Libra.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - SCORPIO - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

This sculptural representation of Scorpio {“Sting”} is yet another wonderful example of N.Tuan’s fertile imagination and sculptural prowess.

Within N.Tuan’s mind’s eye, a contemplative and brooding young woman feeling the sting of uncertainty has been added to accompany the gigantic scorpion of the ancient’s to punctuate his dramatic presentation of Scorpio and to emphasize that the painfulness of a sting can be emotional as well as physical.

N.Tuan has seated her on a sphere, the 'former' planet Pluto, engulfed with the element, Water, in the form of waves.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Sagittarius - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

Sagittarius - True to the interpretive nature of an extraordinary artist, N.Tuan has chosen a young woman of exceptional grace to represent Sagittarius the “Archer” caught just moments after releasing her arrow, in a pose of poise, confidence and independence – common qualities of those born under this astrological sign.

N.Tuan has seated her on a sphere, the Planet Jupiter, which is surrounded by the element of Fire in keeping with astrological tradition.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Capricorn - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

Tuan found his inspiration for “Nurture” in the ancient stories told of the goat Amalthea who was said to have nurtured Zeus as a child. Subsequently immortalized by the ancients as the constellation Capricorn, Amalthea the Goat was thus rewarded for her noble service. With “Nurture” N.Tuan celebrates both the nurturing of Zeus by Amalthea the Goat and the nurturing of sensuality by a lovely nymph who is basking in the sun’s rays.

The Planet Saturn, with its visible rings intertwined with the element earth forms the foundation for this work.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Aquarius - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

N.Tuan received his inspiration for “Quench” from the mythological story of Ganymede, who became the water bearer for Zeus and consequentially was honored by being placed in the heavens as the constellation Aquarius. N.Tuan’s interpretation, which focuses on the desire of the water bearer to provide water for mankind in defiance of Zeus, depicts this mythical water bearer as an idealistic young maiden, eager to quench the thirst of all humanity, pouring an endless supply of water through the clouds.

The sphere represents Uranus and the clouds into which the maiden pours her water are representative of the element of Air, both being associated with Aquarius.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - PISCES - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

The ancient Greek story of Aphrodite and Eros who were transformed into fishes in order to escape the clutches of Typhon and were tethered together so that they would not get separated as they fled, forms the basis of N.Tuan’s intricately sculpted “Tethered”. To this very day, these fishes may be seen in the night sky as the constellation of Pisces, never to be separated for all eternity.

N.Tuan’s artistic take on the Pisces myth, includes a young woman shown as also being tethered to the duo, but metaphysically so by the self-imposed constraints of her freely removable blindfold.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - ARIES - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

The exquisite detail of “Aries” {“Rescued”} is unlike any previous interpretation. N.Tuan’s inspiration comes from the ancient mythology fashioned to describe the constellation that ushers in Spring – “Aries the Ram” .

N.Tuan imparts Aries’ adventurous and passionate energy by focusing on the legendary Helle who was rescued by Aries the Ram, unique because of its golden fleece. This beautifully sculpted woman also conveys the assertiveness so typical of those born under the sign of Aries.

The sculpture rests on the Planet Mars encircled by the element of Fire, thus tying it to its astrological roots.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - TAURUS - bronze sculpture


“White Bull”
15"h x 8"w x8"d

The ancient Greek tale of Zeus disguising himself as a while bull in order to gain the favor of the goddess Europa provided N.Tuan with inspiration for this sculptural interpretation of the story of the “White Bull”. The Greeks imagined the constellation Taurus to be the manifestation of the bull in the late spring sky.

With an eye for detail and his unique imaginative slant, N.Tuan has chosen to feature the sensual and reflective Europa resting on the back of the “White Bull”.

The sphere upon which the bull and his muse rest is representative of the Planet Venus and, in an astrological nod to Taurus, is encircled by the element Earth.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Gemini - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

For this unique sculptural offering, featuring two young children and their mother, N.Tuan drew his inspiration from the story of the twins with different fathers - one being mortal and the other immortal. The ancient Greeks believed that these twins both live on in the night sky as the constellation of Gemini.

In the intricately detailed “Twins”, N.Tuan features two playful babies and their mother in a profoundly peaceful and loving pose, reflecting the goals and attributes of those born under this sign.

The clouds at the foot of the mother are indicative of the element Air and the sphere represents the Planet Mercury, both of which are associated with Gemini.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Cancer - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

N.Tuan has added elements of drama to this fine art interpretation of Cancer {“Distraction”} by placing a beautiful young maiden on the back of the crab that has been immortalized in the night sky as the constellation Cancer.

The sphere, which here represents the Moon, is surrounded by waves, adding a dramatic counterpoint to this elegant sculpture while simultaneously tying it to the astrological sign of Cancer the Crab.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - LEO - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

Inspired by the Greek myth that centers around the Neman Lion who was slain by Hercules and was subsequently immortalized by the ancients as the constellation of Leo the Lion.

N.Tuan has chosen to depict the self-assured Neman Lion as the throne for his beautiful and stately queen and has imbued this exquisite sculpture with a truly “Regal” elegance.

The artist has chosen to position this masterpiece upon the Sun which is the ultimate representation of the element Fire.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - VIRGO - bronze sculpture


15"h x 8"w x8"d

Inspired by the story of Astraea the Star Maiden who, upon fearing that humans had forsaken justice, rose to the heavens as the constellation Virgo.

In keeping with her duality, N.Tuan depicts her as innocent but sensual, delicate yet guileful. Here, she is seated on a sphere that represents the Planet Mercury, surrounded by the element Earth.

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Sagittarius - bronze sculpture N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Sagittarius - bronze sculpture


35"h x16"w x 16"d

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Pisces - bronze sculpture


35"h x16"w x 16"d

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Sagittarius - bronze sculpture N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Leo - bronze sculpture


35"h x16"w x 16"d

N. TUAN - ZODIAC - Aquarius - bronze sculpture


35"h x16"w x 16"d



from the Vietnam War Memorial in Westchester, CA

47”h x 21”w x 32” each sculpture

Tuan has based his “Vietnam War Memorial “ sculpture on his original heroic monumental sculpture at the Vietnam War Memorial in Westminster, California {image below}, which he created to honor both the American and South Vietnamese soldiers who fought so gallantly and heroically in the name of freedom during the Vietnam War. This magnificent and inspiring memorial was designed to convey the appreciation and respect felt by the South Vietnamese, and all who love freedom, for the bravery and sacrifice of the soldiers who did their very best to try to secure freedom for the people of South Vietnam.

N. TUAN - American Soldier - bronze sculpture N. TUAN - South Vietnamese Soldier - bronze sculpture
N. TUAN - Vietnamese War Memorial - bronze sculpture N. TUAN - Vietnamese War Memorial - bronze sculpture
N. TUAN - large sculpture placements - bronze sculpture


The story of N.Tuan, creator of the inspirational Vietnam War Memorial in Westminster, California; the dramatically spiritual bronze of Saint Therese “the little flower” in Mobile, Alabama; the breathtaking collection of heroic sculptures in Kuhn Development Corporation in Orlando, Plaza in Orlando, Florida and a vast collection of other outstanding bronze sculptures, began in Saigon, South Vietnam when Tuan was born into a family of wealth, privilege and royal lineage.

The early years for Tuan were carefree, surrounded by family and friends and insolated from the war that raged in the countryside. Life was good, up until the fall of Saigon on April 30th, 1975. Overnight, Tuan’s life was turned upside-down; oppression gripped the country and freedom and privilege became relics of the past.

Tuan’s father, a well known and respected architect, was taken away to be “re-educated”, the family compound was divided up and life became harsh and restrictive. The whole of South Vietnam changed from a country fighting to retain its freedom to one unified under the oppression of Communist rule.

In a way, the return of Tuan’s father from the re-education camp began shaping Tuan into the man we know today. Having refused to work for the Communists, Tuan’s father turned to his love of sculpting to help maintain his sanity and at his side was his son Tuan. Day after day they sculpted together, the mentor and his student, and even though they did not always agree on style and composition, Tuan began to learn the skills that were to lead him to his destiny.

The oppression of the Communist régime created an overwhelming desire within the young Tuan to regain his freedom, eventually leading him to a near-fatal escape attempt. This failed attempt to escape the grip of the Communists landed him in a force labor camp that would have broken a lesser man, but instead, Tuan created opportunity by using the red clay from the floor of his cell to sculpt the likenesses of fellow prisoners. These prison sculptures helped to make prison life more bearable for the young artist. After six long months in the prison camp and eighteen more months of hard labor, Tuan’s family was able to arrange for his release.

With the support of his family, especially his father with whom he continued to sculpt, Tuan grew stronger and more confident with each passing day until he decided to put it all on the line for freedom once again. This time, after two arduous months struggling through the jungles of Southeast Asia, facing danger at every turn, he succeeded in escaping through Cambodia to Thailand. He was assigned to a refugee camp in Thailand for a year before being transferred to the Philippines where he learned English and created sculptures to honor escapees before gaining sponsorship to the United States where he finally found true freedom in 1988.

After gaining some hands-on experience at a bonze foundry in Northern California and living the life of a starving artist for a time, Tuan moved to Southern California to study fine art at the prestigious Art Institute of Southern California in Laguna Beach for five years before dedicating his life to making the world a more beautiful place with his art and furthering the world’s understanding of the "Existential Balance" and its importance to the human experience.

My sincere hope is that my art will successfully stimulate others to see the beauty of this world and to accept its balance. Balance is central to existence and is a basic human need; to lead a balanced life is to find its center.” – N.Tuan

In 1994 the National Sculpture Society in New York honored Tuan for being a young sculptor with a meritorious body of work by presenting his with the coveted Gloria Medal. In 1995 he was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal for sculpture by the California Art Club and in 1998 he won the national competition for the design and sculpting of the Vietnam War Memorial by the city of Westminster, California.

Some of the most beautiful and timeless sculptures to be found anywhere bear the mark of N.Tuan. From the breathtaking heroic soldiers at the Vietnam War Memorial in Westminster, California, his awe-inspiring larger-than-life sculpture of Saint Therese “the little flower” in Mobile, Alabama and romantic “Rendezvous” overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Laguna Beach, California to the vast body of his works that grace private and public collections the sculptures of Tuan enriched the lives of countless art patrons and promise to touch even more lives in decades to come.

Art is vital for me. It is almost a religion. It means to believe in people, in life, in love. It is a response to what is beautiful and simple. As an artist I do what I do for no other purpose than to express my feelings.” – N.Tuan


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