Original Paintings & Limited Edition Prints


Signed & Numbered, Limited Edition Prints of all ONE's paintings are available.
- All LIMITED EDITIONS are giclees on canvas
- PRESTIGE EDITIONS are enhanced versions of the giclee’s on canvas. They include hand highlighting, textured varnish and a dedication or sketch on the back of the canvas all done by the artist.


One - Juan Sepulveda - Spiral Stair


Oil on Canvas
11 x 18

One - Juan Sepulveda - Unexpected Opportunities


Oil on Canvas
12 x 12

In the quest of life, people often look for opportunities and make decisions. However, opportunities sometimes arrive where least expected. This painting is a representation of this unusual encounter between an individual and a never before considered opportunity. Developing the ability to recognize opportunities where they are least expected is a virtual guarantee of success.

One - Juan Sepulveda - Through the Gate


Oil on Canvas
14 x 16

The celebration of an arrival or an accomplishment can be interpreted by the arrival of this individual to the gates of a new frontier. This scene can be compared to the joyous experience of accomplishing a goal. It also serves as inspiration for those who aspire to reach a different place in their life. The gates hold a myriad of different experiences. New sights and sounds await you through the gate… welcome!

One - Juan Sepulveda - Fruit of Change


Oil on Canvas
20 X 24

The separation of two souls can be represented by the separation of these two flowers. Their base seems to be cut into sections in a style the artist calls factionalism, which represents an incomplete or developing situation. The base of the flowers seems to be incomplete as if to represent that the union is in need of something to complete it. It can be symbolic of anything that is lacking in a relationship between two people. The fractionalized heart, which hangs from one of the flowers, represents a broken heart or an incomplete one.

One - Juan Sepulveda - Fragile Balance


Oil on Canvas
20 X 24

This painting is a visually-stimulating representation of the careful balance we must try to achieve between work and family. While life can keep us occupied with challenges, it is of the utmost importance to prevent those challenges from negatively affecting our family. This painting includes many elements of our daily life and depicts the struggle to find this perfect balance of achieving success, without neglecting life’s most precious gift; Family.


One - Juan Sepulveda - Messenger


Oil on Canvas
24 X 20

These two tulips, which represent a relationship between two people, are visited by a messenger. To many people the message that arrives might be interpreted as a broken heart; however, it represents a message that is incomplete. This message is one that with time will reveal many secrets and these new secrets will be more powerful and uplifting than any memory of pain from the past. The incomplete heart, as well as the fractionalized leaves on the flower’s base, represents the room for growth that exists within all relationships.

One - Juan Sepulveda - Fruit of Our Love


Oil on Canvas 30 x 40

This piece is uniquely constructed with a hole in the center.

One - Juan Sepulveda - Reflections of Innocence


Oil on Canvas
40 X 20

This painting focuses on the resilience of life and hope in the midst of negativity. Here the flowers are a representation of life and its fragility, while the swing symbolizes the innocence that lies within us all. The flowers bloom out of a desolate landscape, which has been interrupted by a large chasm. This crack represents a negative situation in the journey of our life. In spite of this negative impact, life will bring balance by using that same crack as a channel to deliver water through the barren land. This painting evokes a sense of optimism, because in light of difficult situations, one can confide in the promise that life and love will prevail.


One - Juan Sepulveda - Leap of Faith


Oil on Canvas
36 x 36

An individual stands close to the edge of a cliff, pondering on the possibilities of flight. His hesitation to jump is enhanced by the roots that hold him to the ground. The roots in One’s work often represent uncertainty and indecision holding the characters to the ground. The two other individuals in the foreground contemplate the apparent impossibility of surviving the jump. However, the individual finds the faith and courage to jump off. The only option for survival at this point is to develop wings and recover from the fall, setting an example for those who incredulously stood idle.

One - Juan Sepulveda - Good and Evil


Oil on Canvas
10 x 8

On our path through life we often seek to balance those things in our life which affect us the most. Similarly to Asian cultures which believe in the Ying Yang and the balance of opposites, we must seek to strike careful and healthy balances in our life. In the painting titled “Good & Evil” the artist presents two characters that represent opposites. They are in mid flight and display very contrasting characteristic, which help the viewer easily draw a conclusion as to which is good and which is bad. This painting is also known as “Opposites”, which alludes to the popular saying “Opposites Attract”.

One - Juan Sepulveda - The Note


Oil on Canvas
12 x 12

Two flowers share the same base symbolizing a strong union and common core beliefs. The couple represented by the tulips, in addition to sharing a strong set of values, they have a note attached. This note has an invisible message written on it. Each viewer fills in this blank sheet of paper, the message that they would give to someone they love and care for. What’s the message in the note you are reading?

One - Juan Sepulveda - Contemplating Opportunities


Oil on Canvas
12 x 12

As it is common in the journey of every individual, we often encounter moments where a decision must be made. Whenever opportunities arise, we must first recognize them as opportunities and then decide whether or not we will take advantage of them. In this painting, two people have stumbled upon a tree with a door in it. In One’s paintings, doors are often symbolic of opportunities and transitions. In this case, the source of the opportunity is unexpected, which adds to the painting’s atmosphere of uncertainty.


One - Juan Sepulveda - To Heaven


Oil on Canvas
12 x 12

The thought of a balloon is usually accompanied by a thought of celebration. In this painting, a heart-shaped balloon floats to heaven in celebration of someone’s existence. The life of one person is directly and positively affected by that of another. The distant balloon represents the simultaneous celebration of life by another individual. The balloons float to heaven in a symbolic appreciation to the creator for love and family.

One - Juan Sepulveda - Sunset


Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

One - Juan Sepulveda - Out of Focus


Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

One - Juan Sepulveda - A Family United

A Dyptich (2 prints)

12 x 12 each

One - Juan Sepulveda - A New Beginning


Oil on Canvas
18 x 14

One - Juan Sepulveda - Facing Cliff


Oil on Canvas
14 x 18

The faces in the cliff act as protectors of the unknown treasure which lies within the cliff. Although the protected treasure is not revealed in the painting, one can see that it is of utmost importance to the world because it is protected by a diverse array of figures from various origins. Juan "ONE" Sepulveda also experimented with illusions in this painting by hiding a female form in the tree trunk.

One - Juan Sepulveda - Victorious


Oil on Canvas
24 x 12

One - Juan Sepulveda - Helping Hand


Oil on Canvas
20 X 24

One - Juan Sepulveda - Against the Odds


Oil on Canvas
20 X 24

One - Juan Sepulveda - Forever


Edition Size 50
24 x 20
Prestige Edition Size 25
24 x 20

One - Juan Sepulveda - Visions of a Reminiscent Soul


Oil on Canvas
24 X 20

One - Juan Sepulveda - Opportunity


Oil on Canvas
20 x 24

One - Juan Sepulveda - Preciosa


Oil on Canvas
12 x 12

One - Juan Sepulveda - Reflections of Paradise


Oil on Canvas
12 x 16

One - Juan Sepulveda - Cancer Battle


Oil on Canvas
18 x 24

One - Juan Sepulveda - Panic


Oil on Canvas
14 x 18

A sense of vulnerability can be felt by looking at the person who has reached the top of a mountain and is now trapped in a dangerous situation. The only escape from this situation is to accept the help of others or surrendered to a higher power. This could have been the feeling of those unfortunate souls who experienced the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Further observation of the painting reveals faces in the clouds and the reflection in the water of the burning towers. This painting reflects on the acceptance and need for other people's help, especially during difficult situations.
One - Juan Sepulveda - Pain


Oil on Canvas
20 X 24

This graphic representation of suffering serves as a channel to express a feeling of helplessness in the face of pain. In this painting the artist, although extremely close to his tools of expressions, is unable to create anything because his hands are held outside of the field of view by the constrains of pain. The cracks in the skull spell the word “PAIN”. Tendonitis, migraine headaches and unfulfilling jobs were a few of the pains that moved the artist to create this piece.


Juan “One” Sepúlveda was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and was fortunate enough to grow up in a household, which greatly valued having a healthy relationship with God. This relationship has grown stronger through the years and has helped him achieve things that he would have otherwise deemed impossible.

His parents have been significantly influential and supportive of his career. His mother, Ada was an artist, while his father, Juan Sepulveda Sr. is a respected businessman in Puerto Rico. Here is what the artist had to say regarding his parents: “I have inherited a wealth of creativity from my mother. It was inspiring to see her beautiful creations, which included ceramics, sewing, and painting.” One’s entrepreneurial spirit is also inherited from his parents. “My father has always been an entrepreneur and has always encouraged me through his business endeavors and his wisdom.”

After losing his mother to cancer in 2004, One gained a different perspective in life, which has dramatically influenced his work. “More than ever before, I am inspired to pursue my dreams and encourage others to do the same. Especially after witnessing the fragility of life and how beautiful it is to leave a positive mark on the life of others; like my mother did with everyone who crossed her path”.

One’s eagerness to continuously grow as an artist has helped him achieve a level of expertise in oil painting and ink drawing, which has made his work coveted by collectors throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. One’s autodidactic nature, for which he credits his parents, has led him to achieve a level of quality in his work admired by many. The artist explains: “I have done this by spending numerous hours practicing and reading. I have been influenced by the work of great masters from the renaissance like Michelangelo and Leonardo daVinci as well as more modern masters like M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali” In order to learn from these great masters, One studies their artwork, career, and lifestyle and then incorporate what he learns into his work.

One has an insatiable desire to create every day and a desire to share his art with the world. In a world saturated with meaningless entertainment, he arises with purpose behind his creations; he is an artist whose aspiration is to edify mankind’s soul by providing inspiration in the medium he knows best. Just as he finds inspiration all around him, One aims to impart inspiration in others through his metaphorical creations; Thus perpetuating the cycle of inspiration.



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