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Eyvind Earle - Mauve Red and Purple original painting

Oil on Board, Framed
36 x 48

This is the original painting from which the well known, and sold out, Limited Edition Serigraph print was created!

"Delve into your inner being Where darkness shines and there’s a seeing Of golden suns and violet rays Reds and yellows white and grays See if you can find your mind Travel through yourself and wind Around the deepest hidden places Find your inner self and faces That in astral travel wear Go beyond where heroes dare To sink into another world Where all that’s here becomes unfurled"

Officially priced at $90,000

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Eyvind Earle - I WANDERED OVER THE FIELDS original painting

Oil on Board
40 x 48

This is the original painting from which the well known, and sold out, Limited Edition Serigraph print was created!

"I wandered over the fields one summer day Wading through fields of grass and new mown hay Climbing up the mountain way up high Until the distance mixed up with the sky"

Officially priced at $120,000
Our price to you $33,500!

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Eyvind Earle - A TOUCH OF AUTUMN original painting

Oil on Board
48 x 24

This is the original painting from which the well known, and sold out, Limited Edition Serigraph print was created!

"A touch of autumn blazing reds and gold
After the summer's gone and winter's night
Even the tree trunks framing the valleys wild
Stand out like sentinels reaching way up high

Officially priced at $75,000
Our price to you $25,500!

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Limited Edition Serigraph prints

Eyvind Earle - Trees Draped in Autumn - Limited Edition Lithograph print


Lithograph on Paper
Image Size : 33 1/2" x 45"
Paper Size : 39" x 49 1/2"

"Trees cannot change clothes
Like people do
But they can change their color
And their hue
By summer’s end,
Tired of springtime green
Their autumn garb
Like flaming phantoms seem

Eyvind Earle - My Soul - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 30" x 40"
Paper Size : 36 1/2" x 46"

"Here are things that to myself I know Our souls are very old and they must go Back into time a trillion years or more Starting with rocks and fire or yet before The earth itself was solid round and firm When all was gaseous ether and the germ Of matter rocks and sand were flowing fire Whipping and lashing empty night and prior Even to the time the moon arose Out of the steaming mist and gently goes Round and around this mass thatís now the earth Filled with so many souls of countless worth"

Eyvind Earle - Yellow Leaves - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 36" x 24"
Paper Size : 44" x 32"

"With my eyes I wandered where they willed Watching the raindrops till the pond was filled I let them meander up the hillside slope And followed the tree limbs dangling like a rope That shivered and trembled as the wind blew past Bending the saplings from the first to last And onward past the tree tops to the sky I wandered off to dream to muse to sigh"

Eyvind Earle - Moonbath - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 30" x 20"
Paper Size : 36 1/4" x 27 1/4"

"Something Almost too lovely to be seen Except by moonlight Hidden by the trees Starlit moonlit Deep among the weeds One glance, one look On perfect beauty feeds"

Eyvind Earle - Lome Amarillo - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 24" x 36"
Paper Size : 32" x 40"

"We wander through this infinite creation This maze of mysteries and their relation To unseen meltings spirit into matter Air and ether endings of the latter We try to capture count decipher learn Meander through melt into freeze or burn Like sunlight warming up the darkened earth Trying to capture beauty joy and mirth"

Eyvind Earle - Enchanted Forest - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 24" x 36" Paper Size : 29" x 41"

"Scarlet crimson turquoise violet blue From darkest dark to every mystic hue Tall trees in autumn as the daylight fades Leaving only shadows in the glades"

Eyvind Earle - Mist in the Dark Woods - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 32" x 40"
Paper Size : 38 1/2" x 46"

"Whatever seems beautiful Is what I strive to depict A world the way the world should be Clean neat orderly mysterious moody Deep mystical infinite joyful And sometimes sad or lonely Whatever life is - is what I strive to capture"

Eyvind Earle - Silent Thunder - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 24" x 32"
Paper Size : 30" x 38"

"Shots of lightening streak the sky Split the air and clouds awry Dazzle the earth and all below With claps of thunder long and slow That rumble over the mountain side Off in the distance far and wide"

Eyvind Earle - Valley of Dreams - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 42 3/4" x 32" Paper Size : 48 1/2" x 37"

"Now toss yourself away into the night And leave this dreamy world of noise and light And sink yourself into the deepest dreams Of happy wanderings in a land that seems To be as perfect as the heavens above Where all is good and kind and filled with love"

Eyvind Earle - American Barns - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 12" x 30"
Paper Size : 18" x 36"

"Painting Has now become A totally religious Philosophical expression For me I feel that I am a channel For that which Is higher and far wiser Then myself"

Eyvind Earle - God's Country - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 22 3/4" x 30 1/4"
Paper Size : 28 1/4" x 35 1/2"

"Hidden away where no one's ever been Untouched by man and almost never seen A corner of the earth serene sublime A hollowed spot for everlasting time"

Eyvind Earle - Inland from the Sea - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 33 1/2" x 25"
Paper Size : 40" x 31"

"Another lovely humid day When moisture softens grass and hay And all the air is filled with mist Dampening the Earth as angels kissed"


Eyvind Earle - Sleeping Beauty - Countryside - Limited Edition Serigraph print
COUNTRYSIDE - 30.25" x 12.75"

Eyvind Earle - Sleeping Beauty - The Longest Night - Limited Edition Serigraph print

Set of 3 Serigraphs on Paper

Eyvind Earle - Along the Coast - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Estate Serigraph on Paper
15" x 40"

Eyvind Earle - Fog Passes By - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Estate Serigraph on Paper
30" x 40"

Eyvind Earle - Fog Bound - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
40" x 20"

Eyvind Earle - Beneathe an Emerald Sky - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 30 1/2" x 23"
Paper Size : 35" x 27"

"Beneath an emerald sky the earth was blue And black and deepest greens of every hue And here and there white wisps of fog slid by And slowly melted back into the sky"

Eyvind Earle - Rain Shower - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 27" x 20 3/4"
Paper Size : 34" x 28"

"Down from the sky the raindrops fall Making the trees and grass grow tall Why canít the rain do that to me Why canít it make blind people see If raindrops can make a tree grow tall Why canít they do the same for all Letís catch the magic from out the rain And add to this life and stop the pain"

Eyvind Earle - Days End - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
33" x 25"

"Now that day is growing older Now that night is almost here And the wind is getting colder And the stars and moon appear Go to sleep and rest awhile Go to sleep and close your eyes No more sadness, no more trial No more weeping no more sighs"

Eyvind Earle - Autumn Fields - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 24" x 36"
Paper Size : 30 1/2" x 42"

"A wild valley never touched by man Hidden quiet clean a silent land Where shrubs and oaks and grass and tall trees stand Planted by God and angels all by hand"

Eyvind Earle - green pastures - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Serigraph on Paper
Image Size : 30" x 40"
Paper Size : 35 1/2" x 45"

"There exists one divine treasure That makes every human Being richer than any emperor or king Richer even than any nation That is the Earth The Earth belongs equally to every persone alive The sky the mountains the ocean and trees The greatest art that will ever be"

Eyvind Earle - Fire Magic - Limited Edition Serigraph print


Estate Serigraph on Paper
48" x 36"

Eyvind Earle - Biography EYVIND EARLE BIO               Back to top

Born in New York in 1916, Eyvind Earle began his prolific career at the age of ten when his father, Ferdinand Earle, gave him a challenging choice: read 50 pages of a book or paint a picture every day. Earle choose both. From the time of his first one-man showing in France when he was 14, Earle’s fame had grown steadily. At the age of 21, Earle bicycled across country from Hollywood to New York, paying his way by painting 42 watercolors. In 1937, he opened at the Charles Morgan Galleries, his first of many one-man shows in New York. Two years later at his third consecutive showing at the gallery, the response to his work was so positive that the exhibition sold out and the Metropolitan Museum of Art purchased one of his paintings for their permanent collection. His earliest work was strictly realistic, but after having studied the work of a variety of masters such as Van Gogh, Cézanne, Rockwell, Kent and Georgia O’Keefe, Earle by the age of 21, came into his own unique style. His oeuvre is characterized by a simplicity, directness and surety of handling.

In 1951 Earle joined Walt Disney studios as an assistant background painter. Earle intrigued Disney in 1953 when he created the look of “Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom” an animated short that won an Academy Award and a Cannes Film Festival Award. Disney kept the artist busy for the rest of decade, painting the settings for such stories as “Peter Pan”, “For Whom the Bulls Toil”, “Working for Peanuts”, “Pigs is Pigs”, “Paul Bunyan” and “Lady and the Tramp”. Earle was responsible for the styling, background and colors for the highly acclaimed movie “Sleeping Beauty” and gave the movie its magical, medieval look. He also painted the dioramas for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Earle’s work was also seen on television. One of his animated creations was an 18-minute version of the story of the Nativity that he did in 1963 for Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Special “The Story of Christmas”. A Daily Variety reviewer said Earle’s sequence “should be preserved and played back for years on end.” The show was digitally re-mastered in 1997.

Earle’s career has encompassed many different fields. In addition to book illustrating, the artist had also designed a number of covers for magazine publications and had produced and created several animated commercials and specials for television.

In 1998, at its Annie Awards show in Glendale, the International Animated Film Society gave Earle its Windsor McCay Award for lifetime achievement. In the 1940’s, Earle adapted his creative landscapes to Christmas cards, painting more than 800 designs that have sold more than 300 million copies through American Artist Group.

After about 15 years creating animated art, Earle returned to painting full time in 1966 and kept working until the end of his life. In addition to his watercolors, oils, sculptures, drawings and scratchboards, in 1974 he began making limited edition serigraphs. Eyvind Earle had a totally original perception of landscape. He successfully synthesizes seemingly incongruent aspects into a singularly distinctive style: a style, which is at once mysterious, primitive, disciplined, moody and nostalgic. He captures the grandeur of simplicity of the American countryside, and represents these glimpses of the American scene with a direct lyric ardor. His landscapes are remarkable for their suggestion of distances, landmasses and weather moods. “For 70 years,” Earle wrote in 1996, “I’ve painted paintings, and I’m constantly and everlastingly overwhelmed at the stupendous infinity of Nature. Wherever I turn and look, there I see creation. Art is creating...Art is the search for truth.”

Eyvind Earle passed away on July 20, 2000 at the age of 84. During his lifetime he created many paintings, sculptures, scratchboards, watercolors and drawings that have not been publicly seen or exhibited. Eyvind Earle Publishing LLC, under the specific instruction of the late Eyvind Earle, will continue the legacy of the artist, promoting and introducing new serigraphs and books through galleries worldwide. These posthumous limited edition serigraphs will be printed from the oil paintings created by Eyvind Earle that are in the collection of Joan Earle and others.




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